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The CoolCat was an idea conceived over 35 years ago by Ben Rizzo, helped come to life through the collaborative efforts his son Max, and Max's college classmate Thomas Manno. Designed to serve as the focal point for social gatherings, the CoolCat redefines what it means to be “life of the party”, creating an atmosphere of fun and good times for everyone.



An ideA is Born

An idea born out of necessity almost 35 years ago on a lake in the Adirondack Mountains.

Ben and some fraternity brothers we're having a very difficult time pouring their drinks from a traditional “flip top” cooler amidst the rocky waters… spilling beverages all over the boat and their female guests in the process! So, they devised the semi-brilliant idea of containing their beverages within a simple pesticide sprayer. They just pumped, pressed, and poured. No spilling, no tipping, and no dripping! But because the pesticide sprayer was not insulated, their drinks were obviously less than ice cold.

From that day on Ben repeatedly promised to develop the “bug sprayer” idea into an actual insulated beverage cooler.



By 2018, Max entered his freshman year as an Entrepreneurship Major at the University of Tampa, and he had finally heard enough about the “bug sprayer” idea. Inspired by so many other examples of Entrepreneurship at the school, he approached his classmate Thomas Manno, and proposed that they all work together to finally make the CoolCat “idea” come to life



Dreams come true

So, for the next three years, and with the help of family and friends, they all worked side-by-side to make their concept a reality. Now, with a United States patent and a passion for cold beverages and bringing people together for good times and lasting memories, we are happy to bring the CoolCat you all!

CoolCat…come join the party!

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