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Innovative Design

Introducing the world's first beverage dispenser that's both battery-powered and portable.

Ease of Use

By the press of a button pour ice cold drinks through its hose and into your cup.

Extended Cooling

The CoolCat's advanced rotomolded design keeps drinks ice cold for up to 48 hours.

Added Benefits

The CoolCat has a 24-hour battery and dual USB ports for charging your portable devices.


The Ultimate Drink Dispensing System

Discover CoolCats Auto-Pump: the first battery-powered, insulated drink dispenser with a 2-gallon capacity and a button-press serving system. Enjoy the ease of a 40" hose for on-demand, ice-cold drinks at any event or at home. CoolCats makes serving chilled beverages simple and enjoyable.


2-Gallon Battery-Operated Drink Dispenser with Push-Button Ease


Ice-Cold, Direct-Pour Drinks with a 40" Hose where you go


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